How the price of scrap metal Changes around the US

The essential information of the operators in the scrap metal recycling sector and scrap metal collectors scrap metal prices change daily in which the scrap prices vary between each local markets present in all over the US country. The data posted in the some of the US scrap metal price articles are not updated and when you want to know about the particular type of the metal scrap price then you have to visit to the official site of the US scrap metal price site The following are the prices of the US metal scraps that were taken from the site that will help you to understand the monthly trends in the US scrap prices. They are.

  • Lead scrap – the Lead scraps are of different types namely scrap auto batteries – 0.34, solid lead – 0.54, lead wheel weight – 0.43, The bullet that have fired from gun (range lead) – 0.42.
  • Electronics scrap – the electronics scrap are nothing but the computer accessories scrap materials where the motherboards are of – 2.30 that too the medium grade boards – 1.10 and low grade boards – 0.20, Hard drives – 0.62, UPS backup – 0.15 and the lithium ion battery – 1.00.
  • Aluminum scrap – The mix Alum casting aluminum scrap is of about 0.570, Alum litho sheets – 0.721, Al/Cu radiator – 1.198, Alum turning – 0.520 and the Alum transmission – 0.220.
  • Stainless steel – the solid stainless steel is of 0.70, the turning stainless steel metal is – 0.49, and the normal stainless steel metal is of 0.27 and 0.32.

The each and every price of the metal scraps in the US differs according to their needs and its quality of the metal so if you are going to sell the non ferrous metal scrap of the electronics item then it has the great demand in the market.

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