Episode 15 Show Notes – BlizzCon Bound

Welcome to Episode 15 – BlizzCon Bound

Welcome to Episode Fifteen of The Epic Questions Podcast!! Today is Sunday, April 28, 2013.  We’ve got questions about raiding, alts, making money, turtles, and much more.  So grab a glass of noggenfogger, take a seat in your farm house, and enjoy the show.

Epic Adventures:

This is the part of the show where we give a little information about what we have done inside of World of Warcraft this week.

Epic Answers:

Now lets jump into our first set of questions that were submitted for this show. So lets take some everyday questions from the everyday player!

Have you ever sold a high cost luxury item, such as the Depleted-Kyparium Rocket, in the game, and if so, how did you go about getting the best price for it? Submitted By: Dracarys <Relentless Aggression> – Zul’jin US – Horde

If you had to switch mains, what would you pick to be? Submitted By: Rob To The Max – Twitter

What is your favorite loot drop so far in game? Submitted By: Deflector – Twitter

What are some tips for spotting trolls online? Submitted By: Corden the Mage – Twitter

When leveling your alts, do you fully enchant & gem your PVP gear sets at 70 and 80? Submitted By: Jonathan – Facebook

Tortilla vs Tortos, Who wins? Who looks more badass? Submitted By: Jetrix Adune – Twitter

What is raiding to you? Is it fun, relaxing, challenging, social, a race, etc? Submitted By: Scotepi – Twitter

That’s all the time we have for questions this week, but have no fear, we have more to go over in the next episode of the Epic Questions Podcast. Please send all questions via Twitter, e-mail, or any other source of communication. Thanks in advance!

Got a Question?

You can submit your questions to EpicQuestionsPodcast at gmail.com, or on Twitter @Epic_Questions. Please keep your questions short and to the point. In order to fit as many questions as we can into the podcast, we may have to cut down questions, or wait to use questions for certain guest hosts, or any research that may be needed.

Question Format:

  • Your Name/Characters Name:
  • Realm: (US/EU/etc).
  • Faction:
  • Question:

So, hop into the driver’s seat and send us your questions!!

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