Episode 08 Show Notes – 5.2 For You and You

Welcome to Episode 08 – 5.2 For You and You

Welcome to Episode Eight of The Epic Questions Podcast!! In case you hadn’t heard, Patch 5.2 has dropped! We’ve got questions today about the patch, warlocks, guilds, leveling, and even a little lore. So grab a glass of noggenfogger, take a seat in your farm house, and enjoy the show.

Epic Adventures

This is the part of the show where we give a little information about what we have done inside of World of Warcraft this week.

Epic Answers:

Now lets jump into our questions that were submitted for this show. So lets take some everyday questions from the everyday player!

What are your first impressions of 5.2? What do you think of the raid?
Submitted By: Gopie – Undermine US – Alliance

If Blizzard was to release a new class what would you want it to be? Why? And would it be a hero class?
Submitted By: JetrixAdune – Twitter

How can I grow my guild? I have just me and one other semi-active player.  So, how can I get more people into the guild in order for it to survive?
Submitted By: Zombeeman GM of The DarkSider Guild – Alleria US – Alliance
Growing Your Team By: Jetrix

When a new patch comes out, how quickly do you generally consume the new non-raid content?
Submitted By: RhoWoW – Realm Maintenance & All Things Azeroth

You get to design the next tier head and shoulders for your class.  What are the motif, features, and palette?
Submitted By: Smellysockz – Thurissian – US Horde

The druid’s new travel form looks a lot like the Silverhorn Yearlings in the Jade Forest.  How do we know that these so called “Silverhorn Yearlings” are actually beasts and not druids in travel form laughing at us?
Submitted By: Zenblossom – Undermine – US Alliance

Blizzard says that they are doing away with “cookie cutter” builds.  Yet they nerf arcane and fire mages into the ground and basically force you to go frost now.  What are your thoughts on this?
Submitted By: Submissive – Undermine- US Alliance

Do you think leveling for veteran players (those with multiple 90s) should be sped up and if so how (skip levels, bonus xp, etc.?
Submitted By: Gopie – Undermine – US Alliance

Do you think that rep grinds should be further sped up for those with multiple 90s? It’s crazy to try and do dailies on 11 level 90 toons every week.
Submitted By: Patres – Undermine – US Alliance

As of this question I have killed 132 rares and haven’t received a warlock tome yet.  Place your bets! How many will it take before I can start the green fire quest?
Submitted By: RhoWoW – Realm Maintenance & All Things Azeroth

That’s all the time we have for questions this week, but have no fear, we have more to go over in the next episode of the Epic Questions Podcast. Please send all questions via Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, or any other source of communication. Thanks in advance!

Got a Question?

You can submit your questions to EpicQuestionsPodcast at gmail.com, or on Twitter @Epic_Questions. Please keep your questions short and to the point. In order to fit as many questions as we can into the podcast, we may have to cut down questions, or wait to use questions for certain guest hosts, or any research that may be needed.

Question Format:

  • Your Name/Characters Name:
  • Realm: (US/EU/etc).
  • Faction:
  • Question:

So, hop into the driver’s seat and send us your questions!!

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