Episode 06 Show Notes – To Squee or not to Squee?

Welcome to Episode 06 – To Squee or not to Squee?

The countdown to patch 5.2 has started and in this episode Epic and Bella share with you how they’re getting ready.  They also tackle your questions about raiding, death knights, tanking, holidays, and more.  The age old question of to squee or not to squee rounds out the show.

Epic Adventures

This is the part of the show where we give a little information about what we have done inside of World of Warcraft this week.

Epic Answers:

Now lets jump into our questions that were submitted for this show. So lets take some everyday questions from the everyday player!

Why is it better for casters to use a melee weapon? Shouldn’t they always use staffs? Submitted By: SoCalWowGal – Twitter

Do you think it’s fair for Blizzard to charge for realm transfers? Why, or why not?
Submitted By: ValkavGaming – Twitter

I have an alt Death Knight Frost spec, I run him dual weapons is this wrong should I go two-handed weapon, Why or Why not?
Submitted By: Drethan (The Blind Tank) – Argent Dawn US – Alliance

If a player is under performing in a raid/heroic/pvp how do you approach them to help improve their gameplay without belittling or insulting them?
Submitted By: Octet – Zul’Jin US – Horde

How do you guys get so many questions?
Submitted By: Hend – Co-host of The Training Dummies

How do you feel about Blizzard offering cash shop items on top of the subscription model, even though they are only for aesthetic reasons?
Submitted By: ValkavGaming – Twitter

With Elric the Bear-tank no longer around where is a tank to go, to hear great tanking tips?
Submitted By: Drethan (The Blind Tank) – Argent Dawn US – Alliance

Do you bother doing the holiday stuff? If so, do you repeat the holiday stuff even if you already have the achievements?
Submitted By: Nightmare – Undermine US – Alliance

Any MoP big feature predictions?
Submitted By: Araselo – Twitter

Why do so many people sell items on the Auction House for less than the vendor cost? 
Submitted By: Kellzeelock  Kul Tiras – Horde

Do you think Blizzard is done with Illidan Stormrage, excluding any future Caverns of Time content?
Submitted By: ValkavGaming – Twitter

Is it appropriate to SQUEEEEE!!!!! when you get your Best in Slot Sha-touched raid weapon?
Submitted By: Shikago – Undermine US – Alliance

That’s all the time we have for questions this week, but have no fear, we have more to go over in the next episode of the Epic Questions Podcast. Please send all questions via Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, or any other source of communication. Thanks in advance!

Got a Question?

You can submit your questions to EpicQuestionsPodcast at gmail.com, or on Twitter @Epic_Questions. Please keep your questions short and to the point. In order to fit as many questions as we can into the podcast, we may have to cut down questions, or wait to use questions for certain guest hosts, or any research that may be needed.

Question Format:

  • Your Name/Characters Name:
  • Realm: (US/EU/etc).
  • Faction:
  • Question:

So, hop into the driver’s seat and send us your questions!!

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