Episode 03 Show Notes – Here’s Johnny!

Welcome to Episode 03 – Here’s Johnny!

In this episode we start by talking about our Epic Adventures this week within the World of Warcraft.

This Weeks Questions:

Now lets jump into our first set of questions that were submitted for this show. So lets take some everyday questions from the everyday player!

What was the horde before the 3rd war?
Submitted by: Demonspell – Zul’jin – Horde

History of the Horde

Should flying be allowed at lvl 1?
Submitted by: @SoCalWowGal  Parnella – Winterhoof – Alliance

What is the drop percentage for Wiki’s Whistle? And how many mobs do you have to kill before he comes back?
Submitted By: Sardra – Undermine US – Alliance

Do people really hook up from WoW?
Submitted By: Sugrbritches – Undermine US – Alliance

What is the point of challenging someone to a duel on a PvE server?
Submitted by: @SoCalWowGal  Parnella – Winterhoof – Alliance

Why does Blizzard appear to have an obsession with poop quests?
Submitted By: Korbyn – Undermine US – Alliance

What are your opinions on the farm given to players in MoP. Do you think we’ll see more content for it? 
Submitted By: Shikago – Undermine US – Alliance

Do you feel like Blizzard is trying to phase out the old tanking classes for the new easy to use ones?
Submitted by: Darkbaldr – Shu’halo – Horde

Is it really bad if you’re a clicker instead of a key binder?
Submitted by: Kat from The Lorewalkers podcast (@Disneygirl85) via Email.
Mouse Over Macros

Blizzard refused to give Worgen and Goblins to both factions for PvP-related ‘reasons.’ Pandas are available to both. Why?
Submitted by: @ValkavGaming on Twitter

Why can’t you choose your characters dance .. and if you were able to choose which dance would it be… or would you keep the same one ?
Submitted by: Kelaldry:  Stormrage – Alliance

How is it possible that my Alliance toons can do a quest where they take a troll around? Aren’t they like enemies?
Sumbitted by: @SoCalWowGal  Parnella – Winterhoof – Alliance

During what time did the Death Knights come to be?
Submitted by: Demonspell – Zul’jin – Horde

History of Death Knights


What about just the larger meta question of the language barrier? How can the Pandaren speak common and orcish?
Submitted by: @MeaganTC from Warcraft Trolls Podcast
The Babel Fish

Do you think Guilds should have their own “Instanced” halls.  And what would you think would be cool to be in there?
Submitted by: Truenóir – Lightinghoof – Horde

What raid has given each one of your raid teams the hardest time?
Submitted by: Demonspell – Zul’jin – Horde

Give your approach for kindly and professionally removing someone from a raid group. And how to deal with backlash?
Submitted by: Ormie – Area 52 – Horde

That’s all the time we have for questions this week, but have no fear, we have more to go over in the next episode of the Epic Questions Podcast. Please send all questions via Twitter, e-mail, or any other source of communication. Thanks in advance!

Got a Question?

You can submit your questions to EpicQuestionsPodcast at gmail.com, or on Twitter @Epic_Questions. Please keep your questions short and to the point. In order to fit as many questions as we can into the podcast, we may have to cut down questions, or wait to use questions for certain guest hosts, or any research that may be needed.

Question Format:

  • Your Name/Characters Name:
  • Realm: (US/EU/etc).
  • Faction:
  • Question:

So, hop into the drivers seat and send us your questions!!

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